Friday, May 14, 2010


The other day I was watching the news and they reported that a woman's body had been found in one of the canals. It was wrapped in plastic and it had been in there for over a week because whoever dumped it had done so just at the beginning of the Golden Week holiday.

They were interviewing one of the old guys who had been responsible for fishing the the corpse out. He kept commenting on the fact that the body had been dumped at the beginning of the holiday. I guess people don't look for corpses over the holiday, so by the time the found it, it was difficult to identify whose it was. He said that they put it in there at the beginning of the holiday, so we are only getting it out now. They put in in there just as the Golden Week holiday was starting, so you can see how that caused a bit of a problem. This guy pulled a rotting corpse wrapped in a huge plastic bag out of canal with something that looks like an oversized meat hook and all he can talk about is the timing of when the corpse was dumped into the canal with respect to his holiday.

I guess if you spend a lot of time fishing corpses out of canals you sort of get attuned to the little details and you begin to notice that some corpses really are more inconvenient than others and some murderers just don't have much in the way of decorum when it comes to timing and such.