Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pruning Trees

A lot of the construction workers here have wild outfits, but I haven' t really gotten up the nerve to just go right up and take pictures, because, like anywhere, they're tough dudes who look like they don't give much of a shit. But you have to hand it to them. Osaka wasn't built in a day.

The two guys in these photos are wearing fairly characteristic ninja shoes with a split between the big toe and the others. Some of the guys wear really wide pirate looking pants that tuck into these shoes, but I haven't been able to get a good photo yet.

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Mark said...

Construction workers are called Tobi (also the name of a hook billed bird) and the split-toed shoes are called Jinka-Tabi. Tabi are traditional socks worn with wooden sandals. Jinka-Tabi means "socks that touch the ground" and where invented sometime in the 20th century perhaps by a rubber company that dipped tabi in rubber. They give more articulation of the ground surface. A lot of the construction Jinka Tabi are steel toed!

Under the boots they also wrap the calves to help blood circulation.

Go to a construction clothing store! lots of cool shit.