Friday, September 14, 2007


A lot of the food here is great, but I miss some of the foods from home. I finished the cookies Aiyana gave me a few days ago and I have the feeling that's going to be the last really good hippy food I have for a while. I haven't eaten a real green salad since I got here.

On the other hand, I've had some really good stuff that I probably never would have tried otherwise. For example, at dinner the other night, we finished with a simple bowl of white rice served with a plate of various pickled vegetables. All of the really good food that I've had has been prepared for me, or recommended to me. My policy of trying some new unknown thing each time I go to the grocery store, however, has yet to pay off. This is, I suppose, not terribly surprising. The one thing I will say is that the convenience stores here actually have some edible food in them - along with socks, underwear, pantyhose and colored shirts.

Today, I found a little taco place on one of the side streets near my apartment run by a hipster named Taku.

I ordered a taco made of minced pork and beef, because those were the only two Kanji that I knew for sure - and I was suspicious of the shrimp taco.

It was pretty good and reminded me of home. There was a lot of other delicious looking things on the menu, so I'm sure I'll be back. Now, I'm going to head to check out a hipster bar I noticed in the same area.

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Aiyana said...

Maybe I'll have to put a care package in the mail some time soon.