Thursday, September 20, 2007


My furniture arrived this morning and I'm starting to get settled, but my lack of internet access is hugely frustrating. I found a long list of supposedly free wi-fi sites in Osaka, but almost all of them are either defunct or actually unavailable.

At this point, the only place that I am sure has free wi-fi is Seattle's Best and there are relatively few of them in the city. Today, I spent almost an hour looking for one that was supposedly near me before giving up and going to one that I knew in my old neighborhood.

The amount of memorization I'm doing, along with the stress of two moves in a month and trying to get a bit of writing done each day has caused my brain to go into overdrive. I feel a constant pressure in my head, such as I usually feel only after a long day of productive work. My thoughts are hyperactive at night in a way that I have not experienced in years. I've become absent-minded - getting off the elevator on the wrong floor, taking the subway one stop too far.

At least, however, I now have a desk in my apartment, so that I no longer need to type with my laptop actually in my lap.

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