Tuesday, June 3, 2008

May Critical Mass

It's hard for people in Osaka to understand what Critical Mass is, or why we do it, or that it's even a thing. Jon had the idea to make a flag and this helped a bit.

He brought a flag and some supplies and before the ride they drew something up with a bike rider and I put an old school crest on it and we gave it to one of the messengers to carry.

Probably everyone still had no idea what the Mass was or why we do it, but we had the flag so they knew it was a thing. Even the cabbies kept their distance a bit and didn't lay on the horn as much. They were probably thinking, "Woa... Those guys have a flag, I guess something must be going on."

Actually, I really have no idea what the cabbies were thinking but it was the funnest Mass yet, so the flag is doing something right.

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TerrenceTerrenceTerrence said...

cool read and insight into osaka.

the city is one of my favourite and as a fellow fixed nut it's a bike commuter haven. miss the ramen.

any shops in the city that you recommend to pick up some gear and a frame?