Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Some pictures from Kyoto

One of the malls attached to Kyoto JR Station.

The grounds of Ryoan-ji (龍安寺), widely regarded as one of Japan's most beautiful temples.

The rock garden inside Ryoan-ji, made up of fifteen rocks and white gravel. This garden is considered to be a masterpiece. You can buy a booklet about it in Japanese that has over a page devoted to each rock.

Some pictures of Ninna-ji (仁和寺), which was at one time an imperial palace and is now the headquarters of one of the Buddhist sects.

Another temple complex called Myoshin-ji (妙心寺).

Here's a guy playing golf in park. It was pretty small park, so I'm not sure how he was really able to play.

A night scene in Yasakajinja (八坂神社).

The main gates of Yasakajinja.

Looking out from the gates onto the Kawaramachi area (河原町).

This creepy looking thing below, was actually pretty creepy.

I don't know what its called, but it's to help people put an end to bad relationships. You write about your relationship on a slip of paper from the lighted desk, paste it onto the blob, with all the other descriptions of bad relationships, and then craw through that dark hole.

I tried to read some of the slips. Most of them seemed to be about people, but there were also discussions of smokes, booze, gambling and such. I was then told that it was in bad form to be reading the slips.

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