Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Miyuki Frame

I bought this Miyuki frame in a little shop under Shinimamiya Station (新今宮駅), down near Kamagasaki. The shop used to specialize in BMXes, but lately they've been getting a lot of old track stuff in. I picked up this Miyuki for a number of reasons. I've been meaning to get another frame for a commuter and this one was pretty suitable. It's a handmade steal frame and it was a reasonable price (20,000円).

I had never heard of a Miyuki frame before and that was one of the reasons I decided to buy this one. From what I have found out, Miyuki was a small factory in Tokyo that has since closed down. Apparently one of the frame builders went on to work at 3Rensho. This frame is marked 130 on the BB and is probably the 130th frame they built. It is made of Ishiwata Croston 019 double butted cromo tubes.

Aside from having a cute Japanese girl's name, or rather a name that you could imagine belonging to a cute Japanese girl, there are a number of other endearing features to this frame. The logo, for instance, is somehow strangely incongruous with the name and appears to be a snooty rooster starring off into the middle distance.

There are also a number of platitudes stated on the frame in various places. For example under the striped Miyuki label on the seat tube, in Italian, it reads, Campione del Mondo.

In a number of places, and shown here on the top tube, we find the English phrase GAZING AT THE IMPOSSIBLE, which appears to be a sort of motto. One wonders, then, if the rooster is perhaps not so much a snob as somehow transfixed by this act of constant gazing over such vast distances. Or perhaps, long hours of such gazing has lead to a certain frustration, and in turn a sort of anger at the pain and absurdity of it all.

Finally, we have a personalized adaptation of a John Lennon lyric, You may say we are dreamers, someday you will join us, which is signed by the frame builders or the owners of the shop. I don't really know what a statement like this means in the context of being stuck on a non-drive side chain stay. I guess it's more to do with the impossible and the kinds of responses they had been getting for staring at it all the time.

I don't really know what to make of it all, but I couldn't say no to riding a bike called Miyuki rocking an angry rooster.

If anyone has any real information on Miyuki, drop me a comment.


Tim said...

I am fortunate to be able to add a few details to your knowledge of the history of the Miyuki frame shop. The Miyuki frame was made by a small shop, as you mentioned, that produced frames of distinction for precisely 13 years, 13, months, and 13 days. Production ended at that unlikely moment not by chance but for a reason directly related to the rooster logo. The rooster belonged to Akihiro Yamashita. As you may know, Akihiro means bright or shining scholar, and this name matched precisely the temperament and yearnings of Akihiro as a young man. However, his life was to be changed dramatically by an incident about which he said little, the reasons for which you will better understand knowing the nature of the incident. Taking a break from his studies one spring, Akihiro went to visit his aging parents who lived in the Kagoshima prefecture. On the day he was to depart and return to his studies, he rose very early in the morning to spend some time contemplating the place of his birth. Sitting under a lovely Japanese strippedbark maple (Acer capillipes), he was approached by a rooster. The rooster came to a stop three feet directly in front of Akihiro and began speaking in fluent and formal Japanese. Needless to say, Akihiro was surprised and intrigued. The rooster spoke largely in aphorisms. Akihiro asked questions. The result of their dialogue was that Akihiro had a complete change of heart about his work. He understood, from what the rooster said to him, that he must become a bike builder and leave his study of the evolution of grammar from ancient Jomon through its descendent language Ainu. And so he did. And thus the rooster logo and the presence of the sayings on the frame you bought. The rooster instructed Akihiro to work with bikes for only and not more than the 13 and 13 and 13 time line and to return to his parents' home at that point for further instruction. More than this I can not tell you. It is true that the rooster has somewhat of a stern manner as can be seen in the image on your frame. But the rooster was also often gay and humorous. Akihiro chose this image to protect the bike's rider from inattentive drivers.

Anonymous said...


I found this image looking for miyuki frames, as I was looking in the bikeforums for info on a 3rensho I have. The information was given out by toshihiko tomita who posts under the name of "Tomity" he has quite an online presence as he is a current keirin professional.

>>3Rensho was created with Mr.Yoshi Konno.
This is a transition of the name of 3Rensho.

Cherubim Cyclone > 3Rensho Cyclone > 3Rensho > Makino
Cherubim builder(Mr.Hitoshi Konnno) is 3Rensho builder(Mr.Yoshi Konnno)'s
Konno brother is big brothers(5guys?)

Mr.Hitoshi Konnno (Cherubim):It retires by the cerebral infarction. The son

Mr.Yoshi Konnno (3 Rensho):It retires due to the traffic accident. Mr.Makino

Mr.Shin Konnno (Miyuki):The frame production retires. The chemical-free
vegetable is cultivated.

Mr.? Konnno (graphic designer?)
Mr.? Konnno (I don't know)

It is what the above-mentioned I know. However, it is likely to differ the
fact and a little.
older brother"

The Yellow Jersey website has 4 pages about Yoshi Konno and 3Rensho Cyclone, Ltd.


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